1. Candis S. Claiborn (Fall 1991)

  • Research: Atmospheric-Biospheric Interactions of Ambient Hydrogen Peroxide: Climatology at Mt. Mitchell, NC, and Transport into Needles of Red Spruce
  • Currently: Professor at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington 99164

2. Deug-Soo Kim (Summer 1993)

  • Research: Southern Oxidants Study: Southeast Oxidant and Nitrogen Intensive Analysis (SOS:SONIA)
  • Currently: Professor at Kunsan National University, Kunsan 573-701, South Korea

3. Mita Das (Fall 1996)

  • Research: Trends, Photochemistry, and Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Lower Troposphere of the Southeast United States

4. Yongxian Li (Summer 1999)

  • Research: Transport and Deposition of Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone in the Atmospheric Surface Layer
  • Currently: Scientist at National Centers for Environmental Prediction, Camp Springs, Maryland 20746

5. Paul A. Roelle (Summer 2001)

  • Research: Oxidized and Reduced Biogenic Nitrogen Compound Emissions into the Rural Troposhere: Characterization and Modeling
  • Currently: Major US Air Force and Chief Operational Climatology at Air Force Combat Climatology Center, Asheville, North Carolina 28801

6. Daiwen Kang (Fall 2001)

  • Research: Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons and Ozone in the Southeast United States National Parks
  • Currently: UCAR Postdoctor at US EPA-NOAA, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711

7. Bok-Haeng Baek (Spring 2002)

  • Research: Measurement, Analysis, and Modeling of Gas-to-Particle Conversion between Ammonia, Acid Gases, and Fine Particles
  • Currently: Assistant Research Scientist at US EPA-NOAA, Texas A&M University, Amerillo, Texas 79106

8. Sharon B. Phillips (Summer 2003)

  • Research: Measurements, Modeling, and Analysis of Fluxes of Nitrogen Compounds
  • Currently: Physical Scientist at US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711

9. Quansong Tong (Summer 2003)

  • Research: Measurement, Modeling and Analysis of Ozone and its Key Precursors in the Southeast united States National Parks
  • Currently: Senior Scientist at Science and Technology Corporation, on assignment to US Environmental Protection Agency

10. Jessica Blunden (Summer 2006)

  • Research: Measurement, Analysis, and modeling of Hydrogen Sulfide emissions from a swine facility in North Carolina
  • Currently: Scientific Editor at STG Inc., NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC, 28801

11. Kanwardeep S. Bajwa (Summer 2006)

  • Research: Measurements and Modeling of Emissions, Dispersion and Dry Deposition of Ammonia from swine facilities

12. Ian C. Rumsey (Spring 2010)

  • Research: Characterizing Reduced Sulfur Compounds and Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions from a Swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

13. Val Garcia (Fall 2010)

  • Research: Examination of Inter-relationships among Atmospheric Transport Patterns, Ozone Concentrations, and Human Health Endpoints in New York State

14. Anjum Rasheed (Fall 2013)

  • Research: Dynamic Analysis and Assessment of Ambient Air Quality of Four Major Cities of Pakistan

15. Priya R. Pillai (Fall 2016)

  • Research: Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Biofuel Crops and Atmospheric Aerosols: Associations with Air Quality and Regional Climate
  • Currently: Scientist, NOAA at I.M. Systems Group, College Park, MD

16. William H. Battye (Spring 2018)

  • Research: Satellite, Aircraft, and Ground Level Measurements to Characterize Ammonia Emissions from Agricultural Sources

17. Casey Bray (Summer 2019)

  • Research: Reactive Nitrogen Emissions from Biomass Burning and the Impact of Climate Change
  • Currently: Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency, RTP Campus, NC

18. Pornpan Uttamang (Fall 2019)

  • Research: Measurements, Modeling, and Analysis of Air Quality in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand

19. Alberth Nahas (Fall 2020)

  • Research: Characterization of Reactive Nitrogen Emissions from Turfgrass Systems: Emission, Emission Factor, and Modeling

20. Michael Pirhalla (Spring 2021)

  • Research: Urban Wind Flow and Dispersion Analyses for Improved Emergency Preparation and Response