M. Shehzaib Ali (Fall 2022 to Present)
A Fulbright scholar from Pakistan studying for his PhD Degree. His research covers air pollution emissions, transport, transformation and deposition from wildfires, and climate change. He is examining how these emissions affect human health and the environment.
“At its core, I believe science is all about understanding patterns. The intricate, mesmerizing, and mysterious designs crafted by our world captivates me, offering endless avenues of exploration and amusement. I aspire to dedicate my career to understanding these patterns in all their depth – be it the atmospheric nuances, the anthropogenic influences, or the dynamic interplay between them.
Through clear scientific communication, I aim to spotlight the overlooked impacts of air pollution. With the aim to drive awareness and advocate for effective policies and mentor students, while working towards a cleaner and safer world.”

Ibrahim Alsafari (Spring 2023 to Present)
He is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Scholar. He received his undergraduate degree in meteorology from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He worked as a lecturer in meteorology at King Abdulaziz University for three years. He pursuing MS degree in Air Quality and Dynamic Meteorology.

Noah Liguori-Bills

Noah Liguori-Bills (Fall 2023 to Present)
Co-advised with Douglas Hamilton. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from The University of Connecticut. His preliminary research area for his PhD is the global carbon cycle of wildfires.