Course Objectives:

Student will:

  • Develop a basic conceptual framework and vocabulary for understanding the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Explore the chemistry, physics, and dynamics of natural and anthropogenic impacts to the atmosphere.
  • Learn regulation and policies on air pollution and their effectiveness.
  • Develop an understanding of air pollution data management, analysis, and quality assurance and control, and recent air pollution issues.


Attendance is mandatory in this courses. Some of the lectures will be given by guest lectures


In order to monitor attendance, random quizzes will be given. There will be up to three quizzes spread out over the length of the course.


Outlines of the notes (in Adobe pdf format) are available at the class Moodle website. If you print the notes from the web site, you may only need to make marginal notes during class, hence be able to participate in classroom discussion.


Out of respect for your instructor and fellow classmate you will turn off cell phones, refrain from talking and reading newspapers. Violators will be asked to leave and marked absent.